I hate when someone tells you that it’s not a skyline.

You call the r35 a skyline at the Nissan of North America headquarters you will get laughed out of the building. Ask me how I know.. And yes you can finish the tour girlfriendless

The R35 is not a Skyline and never will be. It is simply a “GT-R”.

Every GT-R is a Skyline, but not every Skyline is a GT-R.

Except for the R35.

on this episode of “You know what grinds my gears?”

hahahahaha fuck man what the hell is wrong with this website

Did no one ever stop to think of the Infiniti’s in japan which are badged as Nissans have continued the skyline name? No? Ok.. Its cool

I thought the “R35” wasn’t even technically the R35 I thought the infiniti g35 or whatever was the legitimate continuation of the skyline

Alright the “R35” comes from the chassis code of the GTR. Which was CBA-R35 and from 2011+ changed to DBA-R35 due to the changes made to the car. The R35/GTR is the successor to the R34 GTR however it is not the successor to the Skyline range of cars. The Infiniti G35 (V35) is in fact the successor to the “Skyline” range of cars. People often don’t consider it a Skyline even the major tuning companies in Japan since it broke Skyline “tradition” by not having any Skyline characteristics. The G37 and Q50 are all also considered a part of the “Skyline” range of cars.

again proving that I don’t know shit about cars at least i tried hollaaaa

The G35 and G37 coups are infiniti badged versions of the 350/370z in North America, a GT-R is not a skyline for all intensive purposes but either way its the first good car Nissan has ever put out, and just call it a GT-R because everyone will know what you’re talking about. Old skylines are shit and this car is overpriced anyways. If you’re gonna spend 90 grand on a car, upgrade an American V8 or buy a Jag, or a BMW.

Lol “overpriced” when it beats every car in its price bracket. Go home.

there’s always that one idiot who doesn’t know shit about cars.

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